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Title: Biological Synthesis Characterization and Application of Silver Nano Particles A Reviw.
Authors: Gopinath, S. M.
Saha, Niladri Shikar.
John, V. Jincy.
Khanum, Noor Safiya.
Shyamil, Ganesh.
Patil, G. M. Ashwini.
Keywords: Biotechnology
Silver Nanoparticles
Medical Applications
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Applications.
Citation: Gopinath, S. M., Saha, Niladri Shikar., John, V. Jincy., Khanum, Noor Safiya., Shyamil, Ganesh. & Patil, G. M. Ashwini. (2013). Biological synthesis characterization and application of silver nano particles A reviw. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Applications, 4(1), 19-28.
Abstract: Investigation of novel properties of nanoparticles and their application has become a very active area of research. Nanoparticle having one or more dimensions of the order of 100nm or less- have attracted considerable attraction due to their unusual and fascinating properties with various applications. Physical, chemical, biological, and hybrid methods are available to synthesize different types of nanoparticles. The medical properties of silver have been known for over 2,000 years. Since the nineteenth century, silver-based compounds have been used in many antimicrobial applications. Silver nanoparticles are being used as antimicrobial agents and they are said to show good antimicrobial action. There are many ways depicted in various literatures to synthesize silver nanoparticles includes physical, chemical, and biological methods. The physical and chemical methods are numerous in number, and many of these methods are expensive or use toxic substances which are major factors that make them not so favored methods of synthesis. An alternate, feasible method to synthesize silver nanoparticles is to employ biological methods of using microbes and plants. The new innovative ideas from various contributors for preparation , applications, and characterization methodologies followed were discussed here
ISSN: P- 0976-2639
E-2278 – 6023
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